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● Thursday, July 23, 2009 - 1:33 AM ●
happy to complete cpa class test & mloct test.
happy for something
happy for xiaomei and haowen
happy gt good friends in law like wk, shijie and guys
happy gt my ajpl united


i am disappointed with my performance on field last week. nvm shall improve. hee

felt sth missing in there. damnnn

● Friday, July 3, 2009 - 10:23 PM ●
well, so far so good this week, keeping my fingers crossed.
so what did i do this week:

1. Schooling as usual
2. Movie ( Pelham 123 )
3. Met up with wz, lepak and drove her ard as usual
4. had Crim Pro consultation, total failure.
5. had LEAP during MLOCT, which was relatively easy
6. Met Julia, damn long nvr see that chao ahlian
7. had tourny on monday, kena trashed by ang mohs, worst footballing experience in my whole life.
8. Org match for tmr, few hiccups in between, but well game on tmr!
9. Bought new boots (adidas) sexy blue !! hahaha
10. Facebook session was funny during civ pro lab today

However, its only friday, so that could mean weekends coming!
gonna do:

1. Soccer match @ yishun with ajpls tomoro.
2. Teoheng with MSTT & nexo, will be totally awesome
3. Soccer tournament @ Katong on Sun
4. Try to complete civ pro & co. & partnership accounting tutorial before sch starts

So that will wrap up my week. Yeap =)

● Thursday, June 25, 2009 - 12:34 PM ●
ok was in sch for lesson, lectures as usual till 4. Went home changed, drove to amk hub to meet wz. collected tickets i booked for transformers2. while booking, e whole cinema like packed, so no choice, had to book 3rd role from e front, still alright la, no need to strain my neck.
reached amk hub ard 7.40pm. e shopping centre carpark like so jam sia, but got a slot and luckily just beside e escalator. Met wz, had dinner first and then movie. Totally like e graphics, the decepticons (damn cool) and of cause megan fox! hahahhaa. movie ended ard 11 45 or sth, cnt remember, drove wz home and i went to sis house to stay.
Anyway i hope next week would be a better week.
Sometimes i wished that all my teachers can be as caring as my c&p & my ba2 lecturers

● Wednesday, June 17, 2009 - 1:23 PM ●
ok, back to blog. hmmmm finally got a place for SIP. will be intern @ HOH law corp come sept . excited? abit and also abit scared but at least i tink ppl are nice there. hope i get e bedok branch. hahahaha . hmmmm shall blog eventful stuffs. was out on monday, drove to sch for proj meeting, quite a productive one, thanks sally for looking for cases and cy for typing everything, good proj mates, but i tink i am the slacker, must bulk up. hahahah. after proj meeting, drove wenkai to century square and had lunch wif sister, after that i went to bishan meet derek they all, so drove wenkai along as he can go home easily from bishan. So reached bishan without losing my way thanks to wenkai.

Met Derek, Sheryl, Sophia and Pauline @ j8. Watched Drag Me to Hell, had sophia scared out of her wits! hahahahah nice show, quite scary, but derek and i laughin throughout. Had mos for dinner and drove em home except pauline, cause she support United. no la kidding, bu shun lu. Hmmm so thats how i passed my monday, tues was spent @ home looking at transfer rumours.

Later gg ecp for dinner, ohya and wanna buy new soccer boots, F50i, the messi one!! hahahaha

● Saturday, June 13, 2009 - 7:20 PM ●
damn sian nth to do. so decided to blog abt ytd. went to apply internship @ elogio in e afternoon!! hahahah. near my hse. went home slack slack awhie. after that went to buona vista t pick wz up from her work, damn long nvr see her, still look as funny as ever, went to suntec to eat dinner @ swensen's. den after which went to town to collect sth. drove her home after that, ps ah always lost my way, anyway had a good talk with wz along e way home. heh thanks!!! gg to have my dinner now!!. update soon!

● Tuesday, June 9, 2009 - 11:13 AM ●
hmmmm post is up! hahahaha. hmmm was in sch doing my crim pro proj with my grp mates. fun group i shall say, meeting time was 1230 but i was late, apologies. hahahah! and ended ard 0345pm, then i took 15 all e way to marine parade, topped up my ezlink and bought bubble tea, took my time walked all e way to katong to meet jonnyboy. Then meet le jiu went to meet jiamin and guys, had chicken rice @ boon tong kee, then bused to katong for singing session. LOL! fun singing session with them sia. and ya they bought me bday cake, thanks people! hahhaha. sister and e rest of e freshies were there too, but i helped them book other room as they wanna sing themselves. heh! hahahaha.

anyway really nthg to blog, i need to do my crim pro and mloct! damn it

● Thursday, May 28, 2009 - 2:58 PM ●
wooo back to posting, was rather busy in recent weeks, esp with my civ pro and crim pro ba. hahah. hmmm anyway still got alot to go, crim pro proj 2, mloct proj 2. sian!!! and tests coming fast and furious, submissions deadline piling up like no need money.

anyway i got my tics for liverpool vs singapore!!! woohooo. so damn happy la. sitting at the KOP end. wooo hooo. nevertheless, i am still hoping that i am able to visit anfield one day and experience real premierleague experience at e kop, i will die w/o regrets man. hahaha just exaggerating, but would really like to experience. haaa wooottss!! come 23th july when they touch down at changi airport, will be able to see pepe reina, stevie and fernando!! wooo hooo. and 26th would be e game. rahh!!! yea! so hypeed up fer e event.
oya and gg get my new black liverpool away kit!! ahah